Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Those girls in the corner.

If i am correct i think all girls and or guys have that one friend in their friend group that they like at least a little. For me there is this guy, super cute and funny. Last i checked my feelings were reliable to me. I never really questioned them. I think it is funny how you don't really care about what happens to them as long as it passes your standards. What i mean by that is my friend, she in currently in a relationship that is more than romantic. They have a very intimate relationship. Which i think is crazy because we are only 15, but whatever. So anyways this guy, we are both single and i let my mind wander of to a place that was seriously dangerous to my metal health. I let myself think that he liked me and we could date and it was all great. This is where it really starts to heat up with the disapproval jealousy and a way too stressful two nights...I like to hang out with him because he is really fun and all the things that made me like him in the first place. Anyways, he was one of my friends that came over for a camp out that i was hosting in my back yard. The night was full of laughter and memorable moments we would continue to remember for a long time. When the clock reached 1:45 am everyone decided to get into tents and turn in for the night. The way everyone was laying, him and i where very close. one thing lead to another and we ended up holding hands and cuddling. After maybe 15 minutes of late night sighs and tired bodies laying with each other, i recognized he was moving his head closer to mine. Then stupid tired me did the same by looking up, and sooner or later our head came together like a missing puzzle piece and our lips touched. After about 3 seconds we both nudged back looking at each other. With the flames of the fire crackling and lighting the tent up ever so slightly, I kid my self thinking that he actually liked me, the look he gave me. That maybe i found the real thing. Not like "love" but i wasn't really sure what it was or what it could develop into. So the rest of the night we spent cuddling with my head on his shoulder and his arms rapped around me. The next morning i woke at 4:10 am due to lack of sleep on a tents floor. I spent about 3 minutes trying to untangle myself from the mess i was under. I stood up and the second i did, i tried to step over about three people and make my way out of this humid hot cuddling fest i had managed to get into. I got some tea and my book and was reading outside thinking it would be like the movies and he would come out and talk to me. But no, that is not what happen. I read for awhile until i heard the shhhing peeps that cried out in the morning silence. It was him  and my friend that was in a relationship that i wasn't ready to have until i was about 25. I was so confused, him? and her? I thought maybe it is the morning and they are close friends, and she knows i like him, she wouldn't do anything to hurt me. I was wrong, so terribly wrong. I waited until everyone was up and some else sparked interest to talk about last night. Him and i, kissed, So of course i wanted to talk about it in a manner where i didn't sound needy. But the topic never came up. Later that day we made our way to Zaviers house for yet another night all together. Me being stupid and way too hopeful i thought maybe he was excited for another night in the same way i was. He wasn't he was excited because my friend was going. The one who has a loyal boyfriend. I should have seen it coming. I started to know this when she wouldn't let me near him always coming close and interrupting us on purpose. I started to watch their behavior together. And the constant foot touching and the "blah blah come with me to get a blanket. and do this and do that." was setting a uncomfortable feeling. I just wanted to be by him, and he just wanted to be by her. of course it hurt like hell hearing him telling me to switch seats during movie hour with the guy next to me. And it also hurt like hell when her and i were getting change and she told me they kissed and then just like that the constant flirting made sense. I wanted to die. I had told her that i liked him and now the girl with a boyfriend wins once again when it comes to guys. It was humiliating. Thinking a guy like him could like a girl like me. But the real person i hurt for was her boyfriend, she always get her way even when it came down to cheating on something she said she loved the most. I will always like this guy a little but after all this, i lost a best friend.

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