Thursday, August 27, 2015

in one ear out the other

I mean i know that my generation is screwed. Like who doesn't know that? You can tell just by looking at us that all we are good for is the simple taps of repetitive likes on any social media we can get our hand on. But even after i can see all this and think it is so bad i still ask for the newest and more advanced piece of technology. I mean i knew all of this but i was completely overwhelmed with the feeling of astonishment when i saw the sight of my own mom knowing the same thing i did. When she looked me straight in the eyes and told me how messed up and to put it blandly, how much we sucked. If i am being completely honest i can't disagree. I mean if you saw me right now i'm sitting in a half way dimmed room practically getting a tan from my laptop screen. I guess, i really hope it changes.
xoxo miss moon

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